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Newborn Photography- Why is it so expensive? | Alysia Lafleche Photography | Edmonton Photographer

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

A question I find myself answering when parents inquire about a newborn photography session is why is it soooo expensive ? I can't possibly spend that much!

As a specialized newborn photographer I am constantly being tagged and recommended in mom groups and Facebook posts that are looking for a newborn photographer. I get excited when I read those first words, thinking about how I can help bring this family an amazing experience and photos of their precious babe that will last a lifetime. I then keep reading only to see those dreaded words that no photographer wants to see , 'someone who doesn't cost an arm and a leg', or 'Recommendations for a great photographer who won't break the bank'. My heart sinks as I respond with my information, but in the back of my mind I know I'll either be ghosted after I send my pricing or they just won't look past my investment page. It's not that I am ridiculously over priced , my pricing is actually on the low end of award winning, educated and specialized newborn photographers. So why is it that people think newborn photography is too expensive? I think it's time to shed a little light on why newborn photographers charge what they do , and why it's so expensive.

My mother once told me it's all about QUALITY

I have put a lot of time and effort to be able to provide the services I do. I've taken multiple courses, workshops, and in person mentoring, to have the knowledge and experience to safely handle and pose your precious little bundle. I also only use high quality props and textiles. I've learned what to look for in vendor items and have created my own style of how I want my images to look. To put it bluntly it costs thousands upon thousands for the props I purchase. I've also learned that when you cheap out on investing in your prop collection it usually shows in the final product. It's all about the quality and I want your images to scream luxury, beauty and fine art.

Probably the most important, it's also about SAFETY. You've just created the most precious being in your whole world, you want them to be safe in the hands of whomever is photographing them.

Not only have I taken multiple courses on how to safely pose and photograph your baby, I'm also a registered nurse with advanced CPR and lifesaving courses specifically for newborns. It takes money and education to know how to do the things I do. Newborn safety is number one in any professional newborn photographers mind, it is extremely important . All to often you see new people jumping in to offer newborn photography services with low prices and low quality images that show a lack in knowledge on how to safely pose and handle a newborn baby. Please do not hire these people. Everyone has to start somewhere but photographers should not be charging before they have the proper training for safety. There are horror stories out there of serious injuries to babies because they were mishandled by someone who didn't know what they were doing.

Professional Service

Being a professional means a lot of things. It means you've gone through the process to become a licensed business, you pay taxes and insurance and you have professional equipment. On top of that is specialization. Just having a professional camera does not make you a professional photographer who can provide quality images, on top of that not every professional photographer knows how to pose and photograph a newborn baby. There are different specializations in photography and with each comes unique training to offer a high end experience and quality images in that genre.

Beginner Quality vs High Quality

Now comes the fun part. Examples!! When I first started my photography journey I had been a hobbyist for years, then I decided I might like being a professional photographer and specifically a newborn photographer. I already was a registered nurse and after investing in my first professional camera my children became my guinea pigs. After realizing that this was harder than it looks, and that I myself was extremely naïve to think I could do this overnight I invested in ALOT of education. After 6 months of education and practice I started charging. Here was my first paid session.

vs now

I am still proud of that first image as I waited until I was at a certain level before charging for my services, but my images now are at a much higher caliber. My equipment is better, my lighting is better, my editing is better, my styling is better, my props are better and my variety of props I can offer is huge in comparison. I provide an amazing and high end service to my clients that they notice. I know how to provide that service because I took the time to invest in that education for my business. I value the quality I provide and it shows through an outstanding final product.

So the point of this post is to show how your memories deserve to be valued. Poor quality can leave you with regret and you can never get these moments back. That poor quality will last a lot longer than a high price tag. Quality photography is an investment, and that investment is worth so much more over time . Saving and hiring a qualified professional for your newborn images will provide you with amazing memories and art that you can look back on year after year, and pass on to your children. Your Fine Art Images become a heirloom that lasts forever.

Alysia Lafleche Photography is a mobile newborn photographer offering services in the Edmonton area and central Alberta.




Alysia here, your newborn photography expert 

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